Map of Suanluang RAMA IX

The Park has an area of 500 rai. Responsibility for the maintenance of the park and its day-to-day operations belongs to Suan Luang Rama IX Public Park Foundation which reports back all activity to Suan Luang Rama IX Public Park Executive Committee and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA.) The Park is open to the public during 0500-1900 daily. Please note that an admission fee is charged between 0900-1700 hours. For those who would like to visit as a group and request the services of an official guide, should contact the office of Suan Luang Rama IX Foundation at Chai Chon Building.

suanluang sat view

Within Suan Luang Rama IX Public Park, a variety of activities can be undertaken such as: Walk and run rallies, aerobics, swordplay, Tai-kek, and Yok. In addition, there is an exercise facility containing exercising equipments for both children and adults. It also has maze for mind exercise and canose for exercising the body. A yearly highlight is the ‘Magnificent Plants that Beautify the Suan Luang Rama IX Flolwers Festival ’ held in early December annually.


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