Noi nong (Custard apple, Sugar apple, Bullock,s heart) : Annona reticulata L.     Family  ANNONACEAE

Small tree 6-7 m tall; bark grayish brown.  Leaves simple, alternate; oblong , 12-17.5 by 5-6 cm; apex acuminate, base cuneate; margin entire; lower surface paler than the upper surface; nerves raised; prominent  Flowers creamy or yellowish green, solitary or group of 2-3 flowers; drooping; calyx 3, small.  Petals 6, arrange in 2 whorls; outer thick, inner small.  Fruit multiple; rather round and heart shaped; pericarp smooth; greenish when young and turn dark orange-red when ripe.  Seeds many, broadly elliptic, hard, black.






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