Golden Leave Bauhinia

ใบไม้สีทอง  Bauhinia aureifolia K. Larsen & S.S. Larsen   Family  LEGUMINOSAE-CAESALPINIOIDEAE

Bai mai si thong

Woody climber with tendril. Leaves simple, alternate, bilobed, 8-15 by 10-20 cm, apex deeply lobe, base cordate, young leaves with reddish brown. Inflorescence a terminal raceme. Flowers white , slightly fragrant, 8-20 flowered, 3-3.5 cm in diam; sepal 5, hairy; petals 5, clawed; stamen 3; ovary superior,  hairy. Fruits a legume, 20-25 by 5-6 cm, pubescent.